43% of Malaysians can expect pay hike of 6% or more this year, says survey

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KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 20): Malaysia has seen impressive salary increases and 43% of employees in Malaysia can expect a salary increase of 6% or more in their next review, according to the 2015 Hays Asia Salary Guide.

According to the survey released Tuesday, across Asia 43% of employers increased salaries in their last review by three to six per cent.

A further 21% gave increases of between six to 10%, and 8% increased above that level.

At the other end of the scale, 22% gave their staff increases of less than 3%, and the final 6% gave no increases at all.

The survey said there would be little change to the extent of salary increases in the year ahead, with 41% of employers intending to increase staff salaries in their next review by 3 to 6%.

A further 22% will increase between 6 and 10%, it said.

“Country-by-country China remains the standout for salary increases, as it was last year, with 50% of employers increasing salaries in their last review by between 6 and 10%, and a further 16% above that level.

“Looking ahead, employers will be slightly more generous, with a significant 20% intending to give increases of more than 10%,” it said.

The survey said Malaysia also saw some impressive salary increases.

“In comparison salary increases in Hong Kong and Singapore were more moderate, while employers in Japan continue to show restraint when it comes to increasing salaries,” it said.

Hays Asia said that this year 2,361 organizations, representing 4.01 million employees, took part in the survey.

“Their insights reveal an environment where 27% see a more positive economic outlook on the horizon. 72% expect their level of business activity to increase in the year ahead, and 64% have already seen an increase in business activity in the 12 months prior to the survey.

“This positive environment explains why 44% increased permanent staff levels in the past 12 months, and why 48% expect permanent headcount to rise in the year ahead,” it said.