Most poultry farms ready to supply chickens to the market — MAFI

(Bloomberg filepix)

(Bloomberg filepix)

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KUALA LUMPUR (May 22): A check by the Department of Veterinary Services found that most poultry farms are ready to supply chickens to the market, the Agriculture and Food Industries Ministry (MAFI) said in a statement on Sunday (May 22). 

According to MAFI, the inspection was carried out following a report that a group of chicken cartels had taken action to stop farm operations, thus causing a shortage of chicken supply in the market.

Describing the report as inaccurate, the ministry said the poultry farm companies have given the assurance that their farms would continue to supply the local market with whole chicken either in super and standard sizes or as cut pieces.

"However, we do not deny that some chicken farms face the problem of reduced weight gain in chickens due to the quality of chicken feed, diseases or extreme hot weather conditions, especially in the open coops.

"All these have affected the supply of chicken in certain areas," the ministry said.

The ministry also informed that the evaluation process for the provision of subsidy to poultry farmers  who have submitted their application, is being expedited and farmers who meet the conditions would be able to receive their claims within the promised period.

“MAFI will continue to hold meetings and engage with all parties who are directly involved in the chicken supply chain to ensure continuity of supplies.

"MAFI views issues that threaten the country's food security as serious and will always work together with stakeholders to ensure adequate supply of chicken for the country's needs at all times," the statement read.

The media had earlier reported that there was a shortage of chicken supply in the market, as chicken cartels have planned to stop farm operations on Saturday (May 21) and Sunday.