PJD Link has obtained Cabinet approval — Ministry of Works

PJD Link has obtained Cabinet approval — Ministry of Works
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KUALA LUMPUR (July 5): The proposed Petaling Jaya Dispersal Elevated Highway (PJD Link) project was approved in principle by the Cabinet on Nov 12, 2017.

The Ministry of Works, in a statement on Tuesday (July 5), stated that the approval is, however, subject to further negotiations.

It said a concession agreement was signed last April 5 which required the developer to fulfil the requirements of an environmental impact assessment, social impact assessment and traffic impact assessment before the agreement could be effective and construction of the project could begin.

 The statement also stated that the proposed project was approved in principle by the Selangor government on Sept 3, 2020 in a Selangor State Economic Action Council meeting.

“The main objective of PJD Link is to disperse traffic congestion in Petaling Jaya by providing major connections with existing roads and highways.

"This project involves connectivity with six existing highways and five major railways to achieve the objective of dispersing the traffic," said the ministry.

The statement was issued in response to complaints raised by resident representatives affected by the implementation of the proposed project as published by a media portal on Sunday.

It stated that the proposed PJD Link project had taken into account its connectivity with the public transport system and that engagement sessions had been held with the Ministry of Transport and the Land Public Transport Commission.

“Taking into account the feasibility input from the relevant agencies and authorities, PJD Link has been listed as a potential highway project to be implemented through privatisation in the Highway Network Development Plan 2030 and its planning has been taken into account in local plans of relevant local government authorities.

“The Malaysian Highway Authority and the developer are also prepared to hold engagement sessions with residents' associations and local leaders to provide information and answers to issues that may arise from the implementation of this project," it said.