Tesla tells US of new fatal crashes involving automated driving

Tesla tells US of new fatal crashes involving automated driving
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(Nov 16): Tesla Inc disclosed to US regulators two new fatal crashes involving automated driver-assist systems, bringing its total to 16 since the government required carmakers to begin submitting data on such accidents in June 2021.

The new crashes, both involving Tesla Model 3 vehicles, were reported between Sept 15 and Oct 15, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said. Tesla previously reported 14 fatal crashes involving its Autopilot system since June 2021.

Safety advocates in Washington have called for regulators and lawmakers to set firmer rules for so-called self-driving cars and technologies such as Tesla’s Autopilot driver-assist feature, which are gaining popularity.

The figures were included in the third public release of data collected about crashes involving so-called Level 2 automated driving systems, gathered under a June 2021 order demanding carmakers and technology companies report the incidents.

The safety agency recently escalated an investigation into whether Tesla’s Autopilot system is defective.

It opened the probe, which is unrelated to the data released this week, in August 2021, when it began looking into how the system handles crash scenes following a dozen collisions with first-responders and other vehicles.